How to Fish the Inlet

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Trinity Inlet And The Fishing Tricks of the Trade

This guide to fishing covers the region of Trinity Inlet, or as some people call it, Cairns Inlet.  It is where you will be going on your Fishing Charter with Paradise SportFishing Adventure Charters.

This wonderful water course, a tropical tidal estuary, is home to over 30 species of hard fighting North Queensland Sport Fish!

You probably did not know we have over 80 kms of mangrove lined, protected waterways to explore and fish and,it is all within a few minutes boat ride from the Cairns CBD!

Saltwater Crocodiles, Ospreys, Kingfishers, and the majestic White Bellied Sea Eagle are all inhabitants of the inlet that we see on a regular basis, however we are in search of the hard fighting King of the Estuary, Barra! Barramundi is the most sought after species because of it’s elusive nature, hard fighting and jumping style and its absolute 5 star eating quality.

During the cooler winter months, June to September the Barramundi can still be caught, however are not as active as in the warmer summer months, Mangrove Jack, Fingermark, Queenfish, Giant Threadfin Salmon, Giant Trevelly, Grunter and a host of other species are all ready to take during the cooler months with a properly presented live bait.

Live Bait…..The Golden Rule: Live Bait is BEST!

Many local anglers in the area do not have the knowledge to be able to get live bait for their outing, too often they rely on fishing with frozen bait that will simply not get the job done, sure you can catch an eel or a catfish with dead bait, but a fish worthy of a photo will simply show no interest in it.

The skillful use of the cast net by your fishing guide is all that is required to ensure a tank full of live herring, mullet, prawns etc for the duration of the charter.

The successful collection of this live bait is probably the most important part of the charter. It may take a few extra throws of the net, but it is a very rare occasion when we don’t get live bait.

There is a Golden saying in real estate that applies to a successful fishing charter in Cairns Inlet……Location, Location, Location. It’s hard to beat 15 years of experience when it comes to picking the best fishing spot.

North Queensland has a largely varying tidal range, during the full moon range we have highs of over three meters dropping down to a low .5 metre!  This creates a very strong water flow that means the spot chosen for the fishing will have to be based on a great deal of experience.

The primary rule of thumb is to anchor and fish the deepest runs during the small gentle tides, and fish the shallow water flats and wrecks during the fast flowing strong tides. Even with all the experience at hand, the weather variables of the tropical monsoon season can make for some challenging conditions.

When we get a heavy rain fall of 300 ml a day three days in a row the inlet gets a major flush, this is when the experience of so many past seasons becomes so important for making the fishing charter a successful one.

If you could pick the best time to come Barra Fishing and be relatively sure to get good action on all the target species you would choose the time around the full moon, the first, second and third day after the full moon has a strong incoming tide in the morning. This applies especially to the full moon during the summer months.

In general the fishing is always best in the mornings and having the added advantage of the incoming tide usually produces good fishing. However, most family holidays are planned around school breaks and not moon cycles.

Regardless of the tides each charter is a carefully planned outing where the spots are picked depending on many factors. Time to trust your guide, after all he wants to see as many hook ups as possible. After 15 years fishing the inlet I still like nothing more then seeing and hearing the drag run out hard on a solid fish.

And should you land the one that didn’t get away and choose not to release it, you will get to enjoy some fresh fish for dinner or lunch. If you can’t do the cooking yourself, there is a lovely restaurant conveniently located at the Marlin Marina that has been preparing our guests fish for the past few years.

I have had excellent reports of good service,fine presentation and reasonable prices.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]