The south easterly trade winds have returned on schedule and the winter conditions are definitely in place.

The secret to success is knowing how to adjust the game plan. With the cooler water temperatures the Barramundi hook up rate is sure to drop, so it’s time to target the other hard fighting, quality table fish that are not so temperature sensitive.

The next full moon is only 5 days away and although the tides are not nearly as big as in summer, we will still be having good catches of Fingermark,Jacks,GT’S and the occasional Barra.

Threadfin SalmonGiant Trevally

It’s time to down size on the hooks and live baits. Each fishing location is carefully chosen for the optimum stage of the tide. When the current slows down you move on to a deeper spot.

Having a few live mullet in the bait tank is still important, but most of the action is on small to medium live herring. This time of year the big baits tend to get ignored!

The last few charters have produced some good Fingermark that were taken directly to the Salt House Restaurant at the pier where the chef has been working his magic impressing our customers.

Local Fisho Gal Jean W surprised us all last weekend when she landed a 74 cm Barra on a very small herring and a #1 hook!

74cm Barramundi

This is the time of year when there is more time between quality strikes. A great time still to relax with rod in hand and a cold beer within reach.


Look forward to fishing with you.