Fishing Cairns on Big Tides

Fishing Cairns on Big Tides

The high tides of the Black Moon did not disappoint once again!

The live bait was the key factor as usual. It took a few extra throws of the net, but the patience was rewarded.

Not as many Barras were hooked as the previous set of big tides, but the Queen Fish and Gt’s were plentiful.

Giant Trevally April 2016

While the fast flowing morning current pushed on to the pressure points,we were anchoring very close to the mangroves.

Some casting skill is required to land the live baits as close as possible to the shore. Queenfish are a most acrobatic species and are consistent jumpers,leaping high into the air in their desperate bid to shake the hook.


Gt’s never jump,but pull the drag hard and steady to the bitter end. The deep runs in the inlet had consistent action between tides when the current was slow enough.

Once again the small reef sharks kept us busy baiting up and re-tying leaders.

The full moon is one week away! Fishing Cairns Inlet is by far the best on the three days after the full moon. Once again big incoming morning tides.

Cheers and Tight Lines

John H

Big Barramundi in Cairns Inlet

Big Barramundi in Cairns Inlet

Big Barra in Cairns Inlet

Hoped for one more decent rainfall, it is now April and it looks like the wet just did not arrive this year. The smaller tides preceding the upcoming black moon have been very favorable.

We have been able to fish the deep 20 meter channels and there have been consistent catches of Threadfin Salmon, good Fingermark, Tarpon, Queenies and GT’S.

Threadfin Salmon

And there have also been plenty of reef sharks to keep both the anglers and the guide busy!

The definite Highlight of the past week was a massive, approximate 1.2 metre Monster Barramundi. The reason I say approximate is because a large Bull Shark helped himself to the tail end right by the boat as the landing net was on standby! Check the photo and you can see the damage a shark can do to a trophy Barra. We have a video of the Barra being brought in, I will upload it to youtube and link to it with the next fishing report.

1.2m Barramundi

1.2m Barramundi


The black moon is only 5 days away! That means the big incoming morning tides are building and will soon be pushing on to the pressure points! Cairns Trinity Inlet will be firing.

The big predators prefer these tides over any other!

Tight Lines,

John H