Fishing Report …almost 30 degrees and the fish were biting

Fishing Report …almost 30 degrees and the fish were biting

Smaller Tides….BIG FISH!!

The last week fishing Cairns Inlet started out with heavy rain! One morning we donned the rain gear even before the charter began!

It poured the whole session and even the pockets of our rain coats were full of water. Still almost 30 degrees and the fish were biting, everyone was smiling.

Akari outfished her man Laury and after several awesome jumps landed a beauty Queenfish on a live mullet.
Tony Catching a Tarpon

Tony from Sydney hooked up to a couple of acrobatic Tarpon and since he was flying out on the day he was not concerned that Tarpon are not the best eating.

Team Sweden took on Team Australia in a friendly live bait fishing competition a couple days ago. It went neck and neck until HEINRICH and MAX landed a very respectable Queenie that ensured the win for the smiling Swedes!! The Swedish Queenfish was later introduced to the Aussi BBQ!

In general the rains gave Trinity Inlet a much needed flush. The live bait was a little hard to find,but putting in the extra effort paid off and made for good fishing.

Cheers and Tight Lines

John H

Fishing Report – 78 cm Barramundi…

Fishing Report – 78 cm Barramundi…

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Had some great hook up’s fishing this week

The last 4 morning tides in Trinity Inlet have made for top fishing conditions. The black moon was Wednesday the 9th and the tide has been running very strong on to the pressure points each morning.

Ideal conditions to anchor close to the mangroves and present live baits to the patrolling predators.

Our new friends Peter and Bruce from the Legends of the Sea cruise ship each got a fine Barra 78 and 68cm respectively.

Also,well above legal size Fingermark and nice GT’S have also been taken by our friends Bruce and Sherry.

Rowan and Ross from NSW landed several Queenfish up to 70 cm.

With the upcoming smaller tides we will be able to fish the deep channels and wrecks.

The live bait continues to be abundant in the right places.

Tight Lines,

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Fishing Report – 75cm QueenFish…

Fishing Report – 75cm QueenFish…

QueenfishFinally some rain!

Not the kind of rain we are used to for this time of year, but some welcome rain regardless.

Some prawns showed up on the low tides and definitely helped the fishing success rate. Plenty of live herring and sardines were about for easy cast netting.

Fishing with live prawns can be hard work, as they are often simply chewed off by the voracious ‘’Pickers’’.

A few Fingermark over 50cm, a number of similar size Gt’s and an assortment of Grunters were the main catch. The best fish landed in the last week ( a couple of small Barra were dropped) was a 75 cm Queen Fish on a live herring.

A good sized Queenie is a great fighter, quite often jumping and leaping more then a Barra of similar size!

The continued forecast for more rain,and the very large incoming morning tides means we should see some solid results fishing the next few mornings.

Tight Lines,